Sunday, October 2, 2011

Muscle Music Presents: GENUINE QUALITY "GQ" (Up & Coming Hip-Hop Artist)


While all of New York continues to vie for the crown KING..Born in 1992, A new PRINCE has emerged to save our Hip Hop Kingdom from peril... Muscle Music/PNW Global Empire presents the young and regal GQ- Genuine Quality straight from the borough that brought you the likes of Biggie, Jay-Z, and yes AZ...  And like his predecesssors, GQ's latest effort "All Exits Are Final" is 100% from the place that's known around the world as the PLANET...A combination of lyrical wit, coupled with a bravado that makes the average listener even want to spit fire... It makes you wonder if at eighteen GQ realizes that he may be lyrically ahead of his time... Offering something for the ladies on cuts like "Kissin Lovin Touchin" to the hard hitting intro "Blow It Out the Frame"...Even hostess Hot 97's own Cocoa chanelle takes a minute to remind him that his "...time is coming..." And for Hip Hop---that may be just in time!!!  Rhyming behind today's hottest and old-school beats ---GQ creates that feeling that Hip Hop's being quietly taken over by artists that have no idea where their roos should or have been grounded...Almost effortless---his wordplay and metaphors evokes a Brooklyn swagger that is as undeniable as any we've seen in the last 10 years... And re-affirms the faith that this young "Clark Kent" may be waiting in the wings to rip his shirt open for the game...Whether spitting a cadence of fast pitch bars like Nolan Ryan pitching in his hay day with the Rangers on cuts like "H.A.M." or catering to his more softer side for the ladies in "Shorty with an Attitude"....GQ has learned first hand that your introduction to the game has to be flashy, yet content-driven, and above all geared to make the listener keep guessing.  Don't sleep on this crown PRINCE... He's sure to rep Brooklyn all the way to the bank!!!

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